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The Psychology of the Soul

The Secret History of Your Soul by Publisher: Electra Press
Date Published: November 2012
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The Secret History of Your Soul provides further insight into that invisible person that lives within. It was particularly written as a companion guide to The Psychology of the Soul, to further assist you in your search for understanding the secret self.

There are dynamics and desires we come to life with; to direct us on the journey we are meant to follow. Often when one awakens to the material world pandemonium and distractions set in that take us off our life course, which often generates a desperation, frustration or depression. These negative emotions are our inner-compass, because they are trying to blatantly signal that we are on the wrong track. Sometimes we actually follow our instincts and hunches in order to fail, which still takes is where we are supposed to be- but in a round-about way.

The Secret History of Your Soul offers a head start to strategically illuminate the potentialities of your soul, its weaknesses and strengths, not to mention the trajectory and common blocks it will often face. This was written in order to let everyone see what their advantages and challenges are and how to thus harness and propitiate to best advantage, the golden opportunities that will inundate your life.