Reviews for The Psychology of the Soul

Our connection to heaven is clearer than we think. "The Psychology of the Soul" is a metaphysical psychology book from Angel Cusick as she explores our deeper thought, pondering the unconscious and subconscious, and how it connects us to heaven. With...

Michael J. Carson, The Midwest Book Review

One of the best metaphysical books I've read in a long time. No redundancy here. Angel takes a direct, though comprehensive approach in going deeper than pretty much any other similar book (I've read a ton, and in my opinion, she gets an A+). I am de...

Ann (Michigan), Excellent, Comprehensive, & Easy to Assimilate Information

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Reviews for A Compendium of Souls

"A Compendium of Souls" is packed with information about thirty or more spirit helpers from across religions and civilizations -- from ancient gods & goddesses to rock stars. There are novenas, prayers, offerings, and invocations personalized for eac...

Brigid, A Host of Spirit Helpers

A Compendium of Souls: Dream Team of Spirit Helpers to Support You In Your Life is a 242 page compendium of metaphysical insights, observations, commentaries, considerations, explanations, and discourses that students of metaphysical studies will fin...

Willis M. Buhle, Unique & Highly Recommended for Personal and Academic Use


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Reviews for Angelic Healing Soups

“A bit of soup can do much in connecting our souls. "Angelic Healing Soups: Hope in a Pot" is a spiritual cookbook from Angel in Aspen, who spins a series of soups and soup-styled recipes to help us through the struggles of life. With charming photog...

The Midwest Book Review

Excellent!!! This is an excellent - easy - informative way to make delish soups while healing yourself. The book is written in a very upbeat informative fun format. This is a book for everybody and anybody. Buy this book and not only will you laugh a...

Renee and Samantha, Angelic HealingSoups

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Angelic Healing Soups
Angelic Healing Soups
A Compendium of Souls
A Compendium of Souls
The Psychology of the Soul
The Psychology of the Soul