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A Compendium of Souls

A Compendium of Souls by Publisher: Electra Press
Date Published: June 7, 2012
Genre: Spiritual, Self-Help
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If you're considering this book, you were meant to know of these profound energy bundles that can be called upon in times of trouble for yourself and others, including your pets. It’s critical to ask for help- but what’s repeatedly reminded by the spirit world is the importance of asking the right person the right thing. If you ask Grandma Cop for help with astrophysics, be prepared to get Grandma Cops’ advice. Your energetic constitution is on the brink of becoming a formidable tool for you in ways unavailable before at any point in human history.

The Galactic Alignment shall enhance your inbuilt magnet so your thoughts are of primary importance at this time. We are about to enter into a potent magnetic field that responds faster, more intensely, and more acutely to our thoughts. It is of utmost importance that you stop, sit and think about what it is you want to do for yourself and those around you. Who exactly, are you? Suddenly standing at the brink of this energetic wave, our minds now have a supersonic ability to access vibrations that not only bring things magnetically to us, but shatter the glass-roof of our 3 dimensional reality. We can access miracles, medical breakthroughs and even other worldly helpers allowing us to exist in our wayward physical plane on a whole new vibration. In other words, we can now access a world we only thought existed in fairytales, a place that now shall, for the rest of time as we know it, collide intensely with our own.

This is not a bad thing, one could even consider it a sort of deliverance- but one from our very selves. A Compendium of Souls provides a collection of dream team spirit helpers to invoke for whatever support you need in your life. Money, medical recovery, beauty, love, healing, self-improvement or even help with your pet, whatever the concern, this book shall provide the exact soul to invoke and how to speak directly to them. They are easily accessible, especially now, so be prepared to partake of a transpersonal dimension where true power is accorded to any who asks. A life-changing book, you will begin to understand the ancient belief that, “If you neglect the gods, the gods will neglect you”.

Interactive videos on YouTube also illuminate concepts for further study, bringing each subject’s life and potential impact on yours to a much greater depth of understanding. 

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A Compendium of Souls
A Compendium of Souls